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Stewart Concrete Masonry

(814) 836-9801

935 Linden Ave, Erie, PA 16505, USA

Stewart Concrete Masonry is a moderately sized masonry specialist in the Erie county construction industry. I, Scott Stewart, am the Erie born owner and operator of this strong and growing company. I was raised in this city and take tremendous pride in my hometown. It is with that pride and many years of experience in both the trades of concrete and masonry that I run this company. It is for those reasons that you can trust the Stewart name for the quality you deserve.

It is the goal of Stewart Concrete Masonry to build a solid customer foundation with the highest standards in quality and service. While providing a safe customer and employee environment, our commitment to teamwork, reliability and attention to detail is regularly demonstrated from consultation through completion.

Stewart Concrete Masonry and "Captain Concrete" names you can trust!

Stewart Concrete Masonry has been serving the Erie county Area since 1986.

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