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Blue Lily Interior Design & Remodeling

(814) 580-9897

1909 West 8th Street, Erie, PA, USA

Blue Lily is an Interior design and staging firm that provides services to home owners + builders + realtors + investors

OUR MISSION is to create thoughtful, beautiful interiors that meet our clients’ aesthetic, functional, and economic goals while giving them a space that they could never have dreamed of.

OUR APPROACH is dynamic and thorough. We understand that our clients’ needs and preferences are unique. From conceptual design through construction administration to the very last furniture installation, we want to be there.

While our company is less than five years old, between all three designers we have over 20 years of experience and our expertise applies to all types of projects:

Interior Design Services:
○ Residential renovations: Kitchen, Bathrooms and more
○ Furniture layout: sourcing, designing and whole house installations
○ Commercial Renovations: sourcing, designing, and project management
○ New-Construction: working with builders to give the client a custom home that they deserve from start to finish

Staging: Vacant and Occupied
○ We specialize in creating interiors that allow prospective buyers to see themselves living and
thriving in their new home
○ We have the largest staging inventory in the tri-state area

To contact us please feel free to call us at 814.580.9897 or email us at We look forward to hearing about your project!


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