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NLA Real Estate Holdings, LLC

(814) 835-7740

5739 West Ridge Road Building C, Erie, PA, USA

NLA Real Estate Holdings is a real estate holding company which manages and builds apartments and townhomes. NLA Real Estate Holdings, along with other common ownership companies, manages / owns approximately 165 townhome and apartment rentals in the Millcreek and Fairview, Pennsylvania area. NLA Real Estate Holdings owns Cardinal One Construction which builds / develops townhomes / apartment facilities for the various holding companies.

NLA Real Estate Holdings builds quality housing at affordable pricing and provides a high level of personal / customer satisfaction and service to our tenants. Tenants are our customers and NLA Real Estate Holdings is committed to customer / tenant satisfaction.

NLA Real Estate Holdings can be viewed at website. Our offices are located at 5739 West Ridge Road, Building C / B, Erie, PA. 16506.

Trusted Rentals of Townhomes and Apartments

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