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JE Grieshober Plumbing Hydronics


(814) 864-9883

857 Ruth Ave, Erie, PA 16509, USA


J.E. Grieshober Plumbing Hydronics in Erie PA, is an Established, Customer Oriented, Family Owned & Operated, Insured Firm – that offers many diverse plumbing and hydronics services, materials, and products for the Homeowner, General Contractor and for Commercial Businesses.
The Firm was established in 1967 and has continued to provide professional services and products to date. The owner, Jim Grieshober, makes certain that he and his staff stay current with the ever-changing techniques, technologies, and products available for home and commercial applications, by doing so – the Firm can make certain that their Customer’s needs are exceeded with professional expertise and quality products.

Whenever you have a plumbing issue that requires a repair, replacement, and/or a combination of both, using the correct materials and products for the job, we are the Firm to Hire.

We offer services ranging from the simple repair of a leaking faucet or drain cleaning, to the complete plumbing requirements of a home renovation project that might include a new bathroom, kitchen, gas line, and/or for all of the home plumbing challenges that happen on a daily basis. We specialize in working with Homeowners directly, or with General Contractors regarding new home construction. Additionally, our proven Hydronics knowledge of using plumbing and water as the heat-transfer medium for heating systems could also be advantageous when considering an in-floor radiant heat solution.

We choose to limit our Commercial Business service offerings to the comprehensive care of bathrooms, kitchens and contiguous projects requiring plumbing and/or hydronics attention. Like some Homeowners, many Commercial Customers require repairs to older hydronics systems, such as but not limited to, steam and hot water radiators. These systems can sometimes be very challenging to repair and this is where our many years of experience can save Customer investment dollars while making certain that the necessary repairs are completed in a timely manner and within budget.

Many phases of plumbing and hot water heating. Please visit our web site for a more complete discription of our company.

Service Areas
Bathroom Remodelers
Heating and Cooling Contractors
Plumbing Contractors
Plumbing Fixtures-Supplies

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