Disaster Recovery Adjusters LLC

Experienced Public Adjusters

Property Damage from a Storm, Fire, or Flood?

Has your property claim been delayed, denied, or underpaid?

Don’t settle for less than your FULL Insurance payout!

FREE Claim Review and Property Inspection to ensure you receive every penny you are entitled to!

I help property owners obtain fair settlements on their insurance claims! I noticed a disturbing trend where many property owners received low settlements because they didn’t know how to navigate the insurance claims process. I left Nationwide insurance to become a state-licensed Public Adjuster to serve property owners after insurance losses. I review the policy to determine all coverages available, document the damages, estimate replacement cost, inventory personal property, calculate living expenses, and business interruption to negotiate and obtain a quick and fair settlement for my clients.

Public adjusters and attorneys are the only entities by law able to represent the interests of the insured and negotiate with the insurance company. General Contractors including “insurance restoration contractors” do not have the experience and licensing required to deal with insurance companies. Contractors are not able to represent an insured or negotiate with the insurer by law, with harsh punishments to the extent of serious jail time and thousands of dollars in fines.

If you are a contractor, whether it be a roofing company, tree removal service, plumber, water mitigation company, or other type of restoration contractor, do not let this dissuade you. You have an ally in the business of Insurance work. Public Adjusters can legally negotiate the claims for the insureds.

By working together on insurance claims, we can obtain favorable outcomes for the insured. In our partnership, each can use their skills to recover the maximum possible settlement for the insured. We bring an abundance of knowledge in understanding the insurance process, required repairs, and estimated costs of getting properties back to their original pre-loss condition after the damage has occurred.

Public Adjuster Licensing in: PA #877366 | OH #1256395 | VA #1154491